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Franke Kitchen Sinks   

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Specifications Part Number Description Image

Franke TFT-470r1502


If you'd like to order now please shop at www.KitchensNBath.com

Triple lever gooseneck with side sprayer and built in filtration system. Contains dedicated waterway connected to under couter filter. Available in Polished Nickel,
Faucet Hole Size: 1 3/8"

TFT400  TFT409 TFT460  TFT470   TFT480 TFT489 TFT490

   Franke DW-100r313

Franke DW-180r415

Franke DW-190r415


Single knob with swivel spout and built in filtration system. Available in Chrome, Satin Nickel, and NuBrass.
Faucet Hole Size: 1 3/8"

DW100  DW180 DW190

Franke DW-400

Frnake DW-480

For use with most manufactures under the counter filtration system.

Filtration unit sold seperately!

  Franke LB-2000r759

Franke LB-2009r861

Franke LB2060r861

Franke LB2070r861

Franke LB2080r861

Franke LB2089r861

Franke LB2090r861



Hot/Cold Fitered offers the best of both worlds, instant hot water plus filtration for drinking or cooking. Filtration systme included. Available in Chrome, Satin Nickel,Windsor Bronze,Polished Nickel,Satin Nickel/NuBrass,NuBrass
Faucet Hole Size: 1 3/8

LB2000 LB2009 LB2060 LB2070 LB2080 LB2089 LB2090


If you'd like to order now please shop at www.KitchensNBath.com, prices may vary if you pick up in Salem, NH

Read more about Franke Filtration here: