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Franke Kitchen Sinks   

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Specifications Part Number Description Image
  Franke AMX671-Er1343 Franke ArmoniaTM corner sink

Gauge: 20

Base Cabinet Required: 36"

Cut-Out: Use overall sink measurement, less 1/2"


   Franke ESX110r425 A well placed sink makes life so efficient. Franke Euroset TM has a useful flat bottom and corner drain. Includes drain accessories.
Gauge: 20
Base Cabinet Required: 18"
Cut-Out: 15 3/4" x 14 9/16"
   Franke ERX110r625 Franke Elements work in tandem or alone to suit the unique way you prepare food.
Gauge: 18
Base Cabinet Required: 20"
Cut-Out: 16 1/8" diameter


   Franke RBX110r359 An accessorized Franke Rotondo TM works for garden room, baking center, or laundry.
Gauge: 20
Base Cabinet Required: 18"
Cut-Out: 16 9/16" diameter